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Script & Pitch Workshops
Fedor Sendak | MeccaPANZA

Dear MeccaPANZA / NISI MASA people!

NISI MASA is co-organiser of an important project: “Script & Pitch Workshops”, which consists in a European script development course for feature films.

We are now preparing the 4th edition by launching the call for participants! Script & Pitch is 100% a NISI MASA project. Some NISI MASA members have already benefited from it.

This long-term training course is really really great, there are many very talented professionals involved from whom you can benefit a lot, and the results from the third first editions are promising! Many participants are currently producing their films, but it’s also that you learn very much from this kind of experience. Therefore, if you have a feature script project in your drawer or that you\'re actually working on one, \'Script&Pitch\' is for you. You can also participate if you would like to become “Script Editor” so in a way spending your life working on other projects, and finding super solution to their stories. Thus do apply!

The deadline for application is the 15th of December 2008, and it mostly consists in a treatment of 20 pages maximum. Please inform the European Office in advance (before submitting your file) if you intend to apply.

The fee represents quite an investment (2 000 euros, 1000 euros for story editors) and travels are excluded, but it really worths it. There are scholarships available for new EU-States candidates.

For more information, click on

Mail us and we will send you the application form.

Waiting for your application!

Fedor Sendak | MeccaPANZA
on behalf of the NISI MASA network
[email protected]

MeccaPANZA | Association for New Cinema
P.O. Box 59710
1040 LE Amsterdam

+31206818083 (office)
+31641219656 (mobile)

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