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360 Camera: Modified GoPro HERO4 Black plus 250° lenses
Zaina Mayat



Conditie : Gebruikt
Merk : GoPro

This is a custom virtual reality camera system - a 3x Back-Bone Gear Ribcage AIR Modified GoPro HERO4 Black Cameras with three super-wide 250° Fisheye Lenses, and a Ribcage 3x Mount. Basically, a total package for capturing spherical VR footage! Compared to a 6x GoPro setup, this rig has really sharp Entaniya 250 degree lenses, so you can get much closer to the camera with less parallax lines and more in focus.

360° GoPro Kit:
- 3 x Ribcage AIR Modified HERO4 Black
- 3 x Entaniya 250° Focal Length: 1.38mm, Aperture Ratio: f/2.8
- Ribcage 3X Mount
- 2-Slot Battery Charger for Hero 4 Battery
- 6 x Wasabi Hero 4 Battery (may not be GoPro brand)
- set is WITHOUT MicroSD Cards
- Charging cables
- Second lens from original kit

This is a custom rig that GoPro doesn't sell- you have to have it modified at cost and there aren't that many out there.

This rig is sold on B&H for $3177
One camera and 250° lens sell on Entaniya's site for $1277
The same rig also rents at professional camera houses for $375 per day

The Ribcage 3x Mount will let you attach all three cameras in vertical or horizontal orientation and capture 360° videos. The 3X Mount is ideal for shooting with the included 220° lenses.

The HERO4 Black shoots Ultra HD 4K resolution at 30/25/24 fps. After stitching, UHD 4K recordings will result in a final equirectangular resolution of 5800 x 2900, while 2.7K recordings (up to 60 fps) will result in a 4200 x 2100 resolution.

3 x Back-Bone Gear Ribcage AIR Modified GoPro HERO4 Black for 3DR Solo

Move beyond just wide and ultra-wide POV-style shots with the Ribcage AIR GoPro HERO4 Black from Back-Bone Gear. Based on a modified GoPro HERO4 Black, this action camera features an adaptable lens mounting system ready for use with M12, CS-Mount, and C-Mount lenses. With an accessory (available separately), it can also work with vintage Bolex and D-Mount movie camera lenses.

A standard GoPro HERO4 Black has been re-housed in aluminum frame for enhanced durability. The housing features an interchangeable lens mount for using movie camera, CCTV, and specialty lenses as well as on-camera filters. Benefits of these lenses include manual focus control, depth-of-field control, macro shooting, optical zoom, and iris control.

Interchangeable Lens Design
Frame the shot the way you visualized it with the aid of a plethora of lens choices. Out of the box, the Ribcage AIR HERO4 Black works with M12 (S-Mount), CS-Mount, and C-Mount lenses as well as accessories for them. With suitable adapters (available separately), you can also fit the camera with Bolex and D-Mount lenses. An adjustable flange distance ensures sharp backfocus no matter what lens system you use.

These were originally purchased pre-modified from SeeSense. Used in a closed professional set environment. If you have any questions or are not sure about any details please contact before purchase.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Zaina Mayat
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Op: 04-04-2018 / 777 x bekeken
Categorie: camera apparatuur , montage apparatuur / software
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