Masterclass : How to present yourself internationally.
Alain Van Goethem


Do you want to shine in a Netflix/Paramount/Universal/BBC/ZDF/Amazon series or film? Do you think it will never happen?MASTERCLASS

We will guide you on the 4 hours MASTERCLASS and give each of you a personal guidance on how you profile yourself right now. From that starting point we will help you on your way to improve your presentation to the world, give you tips on do’s and don’ts.Themes we are gonna work on with you:

* Your resume, pictures, showreel

* Self tape skills- every heard of them- every done them? –

* Networking-this is a big topic we will give you insights in, the do’s and don’ts

* Do it yourself or find a nice agent who will do the front work for you?

Come and find out:


4hours intensive one-on-one MASTERCLASS

dates: 14th & 15th of April

5th & 6th of May

costs: 50 euro p.p.

Starting time: 15.00

End time: 19.00 or later


Amsterdam/Studio address sent after signing up

BE FAST if you want to earn your SPOT

Send us at: [email protected]

Preference of date/times

Your material: photographs/resume/showreel if any


Guest Speaker

As a bonus we will get a guest speaker from LA, Nicholas Guilak who has played in T.V. series such as Homeland Security, 24, Jane Doe. And if time allows, we will Skype with some of the actors who work with us, to tell you, it is possible to work for huge networks.

Get out there! The world is your oyster!

Ines de Vos & Alain van Goethem (assistant)
Talent Agent/Casting Director & Assistant
[email protected]
0031-(0)6-120 54 250
Skype: inekedevoscasting
IMDbPro Ineke de Vos

Casting Director for:
When the Dead Laugh, to be shot USA 2017/attached Bill Moseley/Kane Hodder
CUT OFF/attached Brad Dourif/Lew Temple/William Baldwin
Interview with William Baldwin
Perfidious, directed by Ileana D Vasquez/cast attached: Omar Chagall & Pili Montilla
Purgatorium, release 2017
Second Generation/attached Ed Harris/Emma Thompson
WATER OF LOVE, to be shot in Morocco 2018
Refund policy: We only refund you max 72hours before the masterclass.
From 72-0 hours before we can not refund your money.

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