Looking for POWERLADIES to make a short film!
Valerie Jane

For this special project I'm looking for female filmmakers, who are creative and very passionate about film!

The short is about a woman who takes matters into her own hands.

To make this happen, I need some Powerladies, because without crew, there is no film.

semi-professionele productie


I'm currently looking for:

- Cameraoperator (we have the opportunity to work with some awesome equipment!!)
- Soundwoman
- Gaffer
- 2 Grippers
- Sound designer
- Allround MUAH/stylist who can double as a setdresser
- Production Assistant

During the fall break 19 okt 2019 t/m 27 okt 2019
Week 43 (2 to 3 shooting days)

Functie eisen / profiel
Passionate powerladies who are willing to take this project to the next level!

Wat bieden wij?
An awesome experience with an All Girl Crew, good food on set and a whole lotta love!

A chance to network and make valuable connections for future projects.

There is no budget, everyone involved is in it for the love of creating. However, we are being sponsored by some amazing partners in terms of equipment and catering.

And obviously, we will be bombarding film festivals with our awesomeness and our dope end result!!

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